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Italian Vegetable tanned leather, Chevre, Chrome leather and imported leather finishes.

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Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable Tanned Leather is the go-to leather for crafters. They are available in natural earthy tones. Being an entirely organic material, vegetable tanned leather will patina (age naturally) over time. It has great durability and strength that will last several lifetimes.


Chèvre means Goat in the French language. A smaller animal with less thickness tanned gives its unique hand feel and grain structure and comes in many bright and vibrant colours.

Chrome Tanning

Chrome tanning is a modern way of tanning that speeds up the leather production and is best for leather production. Chrome leather is available in a huge variety of vibrant colours, resistant to water, stains and heat and is softer than vegetable tanned leather.


Tools & Accessories

Threads, Accessories, Buckles, Conchos and all other hardware for leather projects.

The tools for leather work are selected for their quality. Some tools are specially created for professional craftsmen and others are for those who valued having good tools on hand.


Thread helps to bring out the contour of the product. it comes in various thickness and vibrant colours.


Accessories such as Conchos, belt buckles and other hardware to be used on saddles, bridles, halters, chaps, chinks, belts, hats, purses, jackets, and other leather projects!

Finishing product

Our dyes and leather finishing care product are from Italy KENDA FARBEN, our working partner and friends for the last 25 years.


A range of small handy machines to reconditioned sewing or spitting machine that makes bulk production easier.  


Leather crafting classes

We offer personalized experiences for individuals and groups, both in-house and at locations of your choice. 

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Co-sharing spaces

We provide a co-sharing space with refreshments for leather enthusiasts to make use of. External instructors are welcomed to use our comfortable premises to conduct leathercrafting lessons.